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The hot sun but affectionate humans , YongHua’s employees show love

Date:2016/7/31 11:24:17    Author:    Source:     visits

On July 31, 2016, YongHua Group charity foundation, in accordance with the instruction of the group chairman Appalachian state Li Dong, office director Li Guangyi, chief executive of the human resources manager Liu Xixue, business administration department director Yang qiang to yiyuan kiosk town such as nursing homes for old people to love. Love foundation members in cilicia town Du Runsheng, director of the civil affairs and accompanied by the dean of the nursing home for the old man sent necessaries of life such as cooking oil, flour, towels, mineral water, and releasing the consolation money for each man.

    Love foundation line of field to see the internal environment of the nursing home, to the foundation, director of the Du Runsheng members are introduced in detail the elderly clothing, food and accommodation and basic situation such as building new apartment.

    Respect for the old man, filial piety, personal accomplishment, civilized noble, the important embodiment of social ethics, YongHua Group will always keep in mind the social responsibility, contributing to their battle for poverty alleviation.