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Interpretation of the Yiyuan economic development zone, the union sympathy front line staff to my gr

Date:2016/7/29 11:15:12    Author:    Source:     visits

On July 28, 2016 in the afternoon, the interpretation of the Yiyuan economic development zone "summer cool and refreshing" activities of trade unions, employees to my condolences to the headquarters of the group.

  Union officials a behavior I group staff brought it upright cooling purposes, such as water, wind, tea, mineral water. And ask a the summer production line workers, in sorching summer still stick to jobs, dedicated forever China staff sympathy and encouragement.

  Since this year, I group product order is enough, the production task is heavier, in recent days the hot weather, the front line staff still insist on efficiency, catch up, to ensure product delivery on time.

  Salute to hold position, pragmatic responsible for YongHua Group!