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The HV company guests a line visit YongHua group

Date:2016/6/4 10:41:47    Author:    Source:     visits

On February 25, 2016, the United States HV company guests visit a line to the YongHua group. Vice President of my company Li Dong etc had a warm reception.

  Guest a line visited group headquarters production workshop, national local joint engineering laboratory, group digital exhibition hall, etc. In countries where joint engineering laboratory, the guest a line of our company as the industry's only national engineering laboratory research and development platform, technology and research and development level to give the full approval; In the group, digital exhibition, vice president of Li one line to the guest introduces in detail the development of company, enterprise qualification honor, product series and function, etc., showed the guests YongHua group, a good style.

  Subsequently, vice President of GongFangLan, companies such as GeYinChuan leadership and guest a line in the conference room, the cooperation of both sides communication discussion.

  The exchange activities, for both sides to deepen understanding, enhance mutual trust media, set up the bridge, for the next deeper cooperation laid a solid foundation.