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The China association of automobile manufacturers automotive filter committee leaders visit YongHua group

Date:2016/6/4 9:32:03    Author:    Source:     visits

On May 11, 2016, the China association of automobile manufacturers automotive filter committee secretary general phase yuejin, deputy secretary-general Huang Ruijun leadership to guide YongHua group research work. Appalachian state YongHua group chairman, President and chief executive Li Dong, Xu Qinghe technology manager and other accompanying research.

  Association of leading a row first workshop on the line, the group this year's production and operation situation has carried on the detailed understanding, then, that secretary visited bloc countries place a line joint engineering laboratory, lee to my group in the field of scientific research, detection innovations made a detailed report, to the development of the company this year at the same time is presented. In the group exhibition hall, digital phase, secretary-general of a row over the group for more than a decade development achievements I said sure, the company has since this year, overall congratulate good operation situation, at the same time in the brand building, science and technology innovation and intellectual property rights also gives a lot of helpful guidance.

  My group will be the research as an opportunity to take responsibility, good association group continue to unswervingly implement the fourth five-year development plan, pushing the work plan for 2016, ensure production management goal smoothly.