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Gao Jie,the deputy secretary of Zibo working committee visited Yonghua for investigation.

Date:2015/7/31 17:45:03    Author:    Source:     visits

The morning of July 31, 2015,the deputy secretary of Zibo working committee,Liu Jianmin,the  secretary of discipline committee ,Huang Jie, ,the chief of publicity bureau, accompanied by Hu Jingtao,the member of the Yiyuan committee and office director, Zhai Zuobo, the deputy director of Yiyuan organization department, Liu Yuntang, the secretary of Yiyuan working committee, visited Yonghua for “ three-ly” index system of city implementation and supervision investigation.

Li Dong, the vice president of Yonghua ,accompanied them . They visited laboratory and digital exhibition hall , and communicated with each other. This communication enhanced the mutual understanding between the government and enterprises,providing support for the enterprise development,promoting rapid and healthy development of Yonghua.