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Yonghua Group organized the knowledge test of 5S management in the middle-level management personnel

Date:2015/7/29 9:08:39    Author:    Source:     visits
he middle-level management personnel in Yonghua Group held the knowledge test of 5S management on Jul.25,2015.

5S management is the base in the every aspect of company management,only is the company  complete and improve constantly,it will be more regular development.Yonghua Group has already had the famous effects in every aspect (such as the site environment,the site management etc.) since the 5S management carried out.In order to test the master degree of 5S management in the employees,the group organized the knowledge test of 5S management.The middle-level management personnel participated the test succeed through the test in the atmosphere of nervous and solemn after an hour.By the test,the employees were more understand the 5S management knowledge and lay a solid foundation for the future good use.