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Yonghua group held I am a Yonghua people lecture match

Date:2015/7/28 18:01:22    Author:    Source:     visits

In order to promote enterprise culture development,Train employees consciousness of dare to challenge,solidarity cooperation and presting oneself,I am a Yonghua people lecture match held in yonghua head office on May,24th,2015.   Our group twelve player attend this match,every player grip I am a Yonghua people as subject,combining the reality of their own work,based on the enterprise development,Angles, deep interpretation of the understanding and comprehension of yonghua group enterprise culture,for the development of the yonghua group,determind in their own positions conscientiously and continuous innovation,for the international filter to create a first-class brand to make new greater contributions.after fierce competition,Mr.Shenshu Sang of technology department take the crown.           This match especially invite Mr.Jitao Wang,Zhenglong Xie,Wei,Chen,Helian Zhang as judge,every judge had commented every player.             This lecture match was directed by group's vice manager of Mr.Lidong.