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General Manager Li Yonghua took management training in Japan

Date:2013/9/7 14:05:43    Author:    Source:     visits

August 31~September 8, General Manager Li Yonghua took the management training for China Internal Combustion Engine Parts Manufacturing Enterprises in Japan. The training was organized by China Internal Combustion Engine Association Electric Appliance Branch. It aimed to help the enterprises learn the experience of excellent Japanese enterprises in terms of high efficiency production and management. Toyota Motor’s TPS system provided valuable experience for the enterprises to change the growth pattern, innovate the production means and management modes, and make lean production.

Li Yonghua and other trainees successively visited Fuji Xerox, GES Corporation, Toyota Motor, etc. They learned about the actual production workshops that applied TPS principles. And they also participated in three lectures presented by experts from ChuSanRen about TPS—Efficient Production and Operation System, TPS Daily Management of Production Site and Operation Strategy of Manufacturing Enterprises. The experts introduced the TPS system thoroughly and it enhanced the trainees’ understandings on Toyota Motor and the TPS system.

September 5, Li Yonghua and the other trainees participated in the JIT exercise which was conducted through simulation of the actual production facilities.
The training provided valuable experience for Yonghua Group’s lean manufacturing, punctual delivery, quick capital turnover, cost reduction and risk control, and it will promote Yonghua Group’s development.