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Advanced equipment

The company has three spin-on filter production lines, and the single shift output of each line is 20,000 filters (including one Korean automatic production line which is the most advanced in China), 6 polyamine filter production lines for producing car filters and big air filters, 2 paper air filter element production lines, a electrophoresis coating line and more than 100 marine filter machining equipments and mould processing equipments, with which the company has the most powerful hardware mould machining capability in the industry. The company has more than 30 Haitian 100g-1000g and Dayu 300g-500g injection molding machines and can process 2.5 products a day on average. The Company also has 12 advanced progressive die pressing equipments. And the core equipments are all imported either from America, Germany or Korea. At present, the company has the largest production capability and internationally first-class technological level in the industry in China. The company can produce various kinds of spin-on oil filters, fuel filters, polyamine and injection molding filters, as well as air filters, filter assemblies and marine filters.