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   Shandong Yonghua group is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production and management of various kinds of imported and domestic diesel filter, air purifier, industrial filters and purification engineering, including purifier for FAW, heavy truck, heavy truck, Oman Benz series of filters and various cars, passenger cars, construction machinery filters and various household, commercial, industrial, automotive with the air purification system, household, industrial and construction and purification. The company was founded in 2001, the headquarters is located in Yiyuan Shandong Economic Development Zone, the company employs more than 1200 people, covers an area of 700 mu, the registered capital of 150 million yuan, with production, warehouse, modern office building 280 thousand square meters. There's Zibo Yonghua filter manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shandong Yonghua Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited, Shandong Yonghua Purification Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Yonghua Purification Technology Co. Ltd.
         The group has prepared 200 million cleaner annual production capacity of 2 million sets of air purifier, air purifier machine and 1 million sets of production capacity, technical level and scale of construction equipment are ranked first in the same industry, sales revenue among the forefront of the industry, in which the individual product market share of more than 10%. Now the Futian, Shaanxi, Weichai, leiwo, laidong, Changchai, quanchai, Midea, Haier, five, Hisense, Hitachi, Suning, Gome and other more than 60 engine factory, automobile manufacturers, home appliance production and sales companies and zichai, jichai, Anqing diesel engine factory, Shaanxi Diesel Engine heavy industry, Ningbo Zhongce etc. more than 10 marine engines, shipbuilding enterprises and the British JCB, the United States and a number of enterprises, products are exported to the United States, Britain, India, Russia and other more than and 10 countries and regions.
         The company is "Chinese Automobile Industry Association, vice chairman of the unit," China internal combustion engine industry association director unit "," Shandong Institute of internal combustion engine "," executive director of the unit China agriculture machinery association member units "," China Engineering Machinery Industry Association member unit "," national cleaner standard drafting unit "," national high-tech enterprises "and the" national standardization of good behavior of AAAA grade enterprise "," national creditable enterprise "," national local joint engineering laboratory". "Leo" trademark is the only domestic industry through the judicial and administrative identification by A Well-Known Trademark in China, Yonghua products for brand-name products in Shandong, the company passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:2007 occupation health and safety management system certification. The company is in Shandong Province Economic and Information Technology Commission as "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong science and Technology Agency has been identified as" Shandong Province Cleaner marine engineering technology research center ", with the" academician workstation "and" postdoctoral workstation ", was identified as" Shandong Province Cleaner Engineering Laboratory of Shandong development and reform the committee". Is Chinese internal combustion engine industry association as a "China internal combustion engine industry leading enterprises, is Chinese Automobile Industry Association named" Chinese automotive filter leading enterprise ", is China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association as" basic management work standardization standard enterprise "," advanced management demonstration enterprise "and" management demonstration enterprise ". By China

Yonghua Group Chairman and CEO Li Yonghua

President’s Oration
First I represent the Leo group staff to express my heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life care and support the development of the Leo group for a long time, to extend my sincere greetings to partners and brothers long. High tech enterprises as a professional research and development, production and operation of various internal combustion engine filters, air purifier, industrial filter in one, with our professional, science and technology, innovation "business philosophy, relying on the exploration of extremely hard and bitter perseverance, the courage to go beyond, rely on trained with regularity of staff, relying on solid people lay" scratch Yonghua the pursuit of perfection, "the spirit of enterprise, constantly to achieve the best performance requirements of customers, enhance the enterprise's connotation and value. Let customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, social satisfaction, is our foundation of the industry, the soul of entrepreneurship.
After exploration, adjustment and development, we have planned and formulated a new development strategy. The company's objective is: to create an international filter first-class brand. We want to create the company's core competitive ability, stability and enhance the company's leading position in the industry, in order to guarantee the rapid growth of company business and benefit, to create a good foundation and living conditions for the enterprise and the staff. To achieve this goal, we have a long way to go, and each employee is the source of the company's momentum and value.
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Development history
  • 2016

    April,The company’s reforming project of filter technology and information reforming project were officially operated.
    May,  Was elected as one of the “top 50 innovative enterprise with high growth in Zibo city”.

    May,The filter Technical Condition Used for Passenger Vehicle Automatic Gearbox,  Granule Counting Method-used for the Evaluation of the Filtering Quality of Motor Fuel Filter and the Filter Technical Condition Used for Fuel Tank Ventilation were listed as standardization funding projects of Zibo city.

    May,The company was awarded as Predominance Breeding Enterprise of Zibo in the Year of 2016.

    June,The “DMF-08 vertical filter used in workshop with high dust” developed by the company was awarded the third prize of science and technology award of Zibo city.

    September,The Study on Developing Intelligent Inspection System of Filter Gas Tightness Based on Machine Vision in the science and technology development plan of Zibo city , which was applied by the company in the year of 2015, had successfully passed the acceptance inspection.

  • 2015

    January, our engineering lab was identified as “national and local united engineering lab for the development of internal combustion engine filter” by NDRC.
    February, our group was awarded as “outstanding supplier” by Shandong Hua Yuan Lai Dong Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd.
    March, our group signed strategic cooperative agreement with Shandong University
    April, Our group participated in the second 6th council of motor filter committee of CAAM and filter branch office of CICEIA.
    May, The president and CEO of our group, Li Yonghua was recommended as the third executive director of Automobile Industrial Association in Shandong Province.
    May, “ The Class-2 automobile cleaning filter (ZL201010127231.0)was awarded the second prize of patent award of Zibo city.
    June, The “SBL-80A”lubricating semi-auto backwash filter” passed the examination of Innovation Funding Program for National Small and Medium-sized technology-based enterprise.
    October, “The study on developing intelligent inspection system of filter gas tightness based on machine vision” applied by the company was listed in the science and technology developing plan of Zibo city.

    October ,Electrostatic Lampblack Purification Technology was listed as major project for innovative development.
    October,The innovation ability building program of filter engineering lab for Shandong province was set up by Shandong Development and Reform Commission (undetermined).
    October, The president and CEO, Li Yonghua was invited to participated the annual meeting of filter technology branch committee of NTCAS of year of 2015 and the examination meeting of standard.
    November,The program of “SC700 National Ⅳ emission motor high-efficiency diesel-water separator” in the science and technology plan of Zibo in 2013 successfully passed the examination of relevant expert teams. 
    December, Li Yonghua was nominated as outstanding deputy to the NPC. December “ The Class-2 automobile cleaning filter”(ZL201010127231.0)was awarded the 17th honorable mention of Chinese patent of SIPO.
    December, The three new products of DMF-08 vertical filter used in workshop with high dust, YHSL-80LW tee joints duplex engine oil filter, YHZJ-100LJ self-cleaning engine oil filter all passed the scientific and technical achievements evaluation, and the main technical properties of which all reached leading level among the same type of products in China.

    December,Our group was awarded as Outstanding Supplier by Shandong Hua Yuan Lai Dong Internal Combustion Engine Co.,Ltd.

  • 2014

    January,The company passed the authentication of ISO90001:2008 International Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS18001:2007 :Occupational Safety and Health Management System.

    March,The AE15-01 motor long-life air filter and YOF-1120 high-efficiency bypass engine oil filter passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal, the main technical property of which reached a leading level among the same type of products in China.

    April,Shandong Yonghua Purification Co., Ltd, Shandong Yonghua Culture Media Co., Ltd and Shandong Yonghua Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd were officially established.

    April,the group managed to hold “Online Higher Education Qualification Training Class”with Shandong University.

    June,the group’ EJL100 Class-2 Automobile Backwash Filter was awarded “Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Province” and “Science and Technology Progress Award of Zibo City”.

    June,the group became a member of Automobile Industry Association in Shandong Province.

    July,the filter engineering lab of Shandong province built by the group passed examination.

    July,the group was awarded as “National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness”.

    September,  The general manager Li Yonghua was elected the Member of the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association.

    October,The “Class-2 automobile backwash filter” was listed in the national Torch Plan.

    October,The Company was again identified as “National New High-tech Enterprise”.

    December,the “Shandong University - Yonghua Group Research Center built by both of these two parties was officially established.

    December,the company was elected to be the vice director unit (director unit of CAAM) by the motor filter committee of CAAM.

    December,our group’s technology center was awarded as the “enterprise technology research center of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong province.” by small and medium business administration in Shandong province.

  • 2013年

    July,The Company was awarded as “Innovative Private Enterprise in Shandong Province” by the Association of Industry and Commerce in Shandong.

    August,The Company established “post-doctoral scientific research station”.

    August,The Company managed to hold the annual distributive assembly of the year 2013.

    August, The company was awarded the Most Innovative Enterprise of the Year by All China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

    September,The “SC700 National IV Standard High-efficient diesel- water separator” was listed in the scientific development plan of Zibo city.

    September,The Company became a membership of “Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery”

    October, The Company became a membership of CCMA.

    October,  The general manager Li Yonghua was voted 2013 Top Ten Credible Entrepreneurs by China Building Materials Circulation Association.

    December, The general manager Li Yonghua was awarded the Most Thoughtful Entrepreneur in China.

    December,The Company was identified as “AAAA grade enterprise of good performance in standardization” by Quality and technology supervision Bureau of Shandong.

    December,The Company’s laboratory passed the authentication of CNAS.

  • 2012年

    January,The Company was identified as “Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance in the Filter Industry” by Office of Science and Technology of Zibo, Economic and Information Committee of Zibo and Bureau of Finance of Zibo.

    March,The Company was rated as “Model Enterprise in Management”, “Standard Enterprise of Standardization of Fundamental Work in Management”, “Model Enterprise of Management Progress”

    April,The “SBL80-A Lubricating Semi-automatic Backwash Filter” developed by the company was awarded the third prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zibo city.

    May, The company was chosen as 2011 China Machinery Industry Top 100 Enterprises by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Machinery Industry Federation.

    May,The “SBL80-A Lubricating Semi-automatic Backwash Filter” was listed in the national Torch Plan.

    May,The “EJL100 Class-2 Automatic Cleaning Filter” developed by the company was listed in the Development Plan of Science and Technology of Shandong Province.

    July,The “SBL80-A Lubricating Semi-automatic Backwash Filter” developed by the company was awarded the “National Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise”.

    August,The Company was awarded as “the Star Enterprise of Revitalizing Small and Medium-sized Enterprise of Equipment Manufacturing”.

    August, The general manager Li Yonghua was honored as the Star Enterprise of the Small and Medium Enterprise Star to Invigorate Equipment Manufacturing Industry by China Machinery Industry Federation.

    September,The Company managed to hold the annual meeting of 2012 of the Filter Technology Committee of NTCAS - the third founding meeting of the branch technology committee, and was elected as a member unit.

    October,The Company was rated as “Advanced Unit of Academic Activities” of the fourth council by Shandong Society for Internal Combustion Engine.

    October,The Company was elected as the fifth standing council unit of Shandong Society for Internal Combustion Engine.

    December,The Company was awarded as “the Model Enterprise of Building Mechanical Industrial Brand in Shandong Province”

    December, The general manager Li Yonghua was awarded the Expert of Brand Building of Shandong Mechanical Industry by Shandong Mechanical Industry Association.

  • 2011年

    April,The Company was awarded as “Provincial Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness” by the Association of Enterprise Credit and Social Responsibility of Shandong Province and Shandong Administration for Industry & Commerce.

    June,   The company was honored as China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands.

    June,The Company was rated as “Model Enterprise of the 11th Five-year Plan of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Mechanical Industry of Shandong by the Machinery Industry Association of Shandong. 

    June,The company was awarded as “ one of the top one hundred units of civilization and integrity” by Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization of Zibo city, Industry and Business Administration Bureau of Zibo city, Association of Individual Private Enterprise of Zibo city and Enterprise Credit Enterprise Association of Zibo city.

    September,The Company’s laboratory was identified as “Engineering Lab for Filter of Shandong Province” by Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province.

    October,The Company’s technology center was identified as “Shandong - recognized enterprise technology center”

    November,The Company was awarded as “the Leading Enterprise of Filter Industry in Automobile Parts Field in China” by CAAM.

    November,The Company’s technology center was identified as “Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong”.

    November,The “SZL65-A lubricating oil filter” developed by the company was listed in the Torch Plan of Shandong Province.

    November, The general manager Li Yonghua was elected as the invited standing director of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

    December,The Company was awarded “the Award for the Development of New Product”

    December,  The general manager Li Yonghua was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Mechanical Industry by Shandong Mechanical Industry Association.

    December, The general manager Li Yonghua was awarded China Credible Entrepreneur by CHINA ENTERPRISES CO-ASSOCIATION.

    December,The company was chosen to be “the executive unit of the 11th executive council of the Association of Industry and Commerce in Zibo City”, an awarded as “Outstanding Membership of the Association of Industry and Commerce System in the year of 2011”by the Association of Industry and Commerce in Zibo city and the General Chamber of Commerce of Zibo city.

    December,“Yonghua filter (used for in air, engine oil, and diesel) was awarded as “Shandong Famous” product by Shandong Brand Strategy Promotion Committee and Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Shandong Province.

    December,The company established “academician workstation”. 

  • 2010年

    February, the company was awarded as “one of the top sixty enterprises in Shandong key industries of key and basic parts”.

    March, 2010 The Company was awarded as “Satisfying Unit for Consumers in Shandong Province”.

    June, 2010 The Company was honored as “Social Practice Basement for Outstanding Postgraduates of Shandong University”.

    July,The Company was identified as “Enterprise Technology Center of Zibo City” by the technology center.

    August  The company was awarded the enterprise group member of China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association.

    September,The Company was identified as “National New High-tech Enterprise”

    November, The Company was rated as “Pacesetter Enterprise of Internal Combustion Engine in China” by CICEIA.

    December,The Company was rated as “Private Enterprise with the Most Development Potential in Shandong” by Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce and Qi Lu Evening News.

    December,The Company was chosen to serve as council member by the filter branch office of CICEIA.

    December,The Company was chosen to serve as council member by the filter branch office of CAAM.

    December,The Company was identified as “Marine Filter Engineering and Technology Research Center of Zibo city” by the technology center.

  • 2009年

    March, The Company was recruited by CAAM as membership.

    May, The Company established a cooperative relationship with the most famous university, Shandong University, serving as “social practice basement for the post graduates” of this great university.

    October,  The chairman Li Yonghua was recognized as the seventh China Industry Top Ten Business Newsmakers.

  • 2008年

    November,  Brand “Yonghua” was judicially and administratively recognized as “China famous brand”. 

    December, The Company was awarded as “credit enterprise” by RCC Association in Shandong province, Zibo office.

  • 2007年

    September,  The Company passed the identification of ISO/TS16949 quality management system.

    November, The Company was recruited by “CICEIA” as membership.

  • 2006年

    July,The Company was awarded as “AA grade enterprise of National Standardization Measuring System”

    September,The Company was awarded as “AAA grade enterprise of National Standardization Good Practices”

    September, The company was awarded China commercial credit enterprise by China General Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2005年

    August,Brand “Yonghua” was identified as “Famous Brand of Shandong Province” 

  • 2004年

    May,The Company was granted the honorary title of “well-known brand and well-known enterprise” by “Supervision and Administration Commission of China's Famous Brands”.Brand “Yonghua” was identified as the one of the top ten famous filter brands in China by “Supervision and Administration Commission of China's Famous Brands”.

    The company has passed the “evaluation of CNHTC Technical Center, and was recruited by “CICEIA” and “Camas membership.

    August,The Company has passed the identification of ISO 90001:2000 international quality management systems.

  • 2001年

    April ,Zibo Yonghua Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established.

Yonghua oath
We have a dream, we are ambitious, we are in high and vigorous spirits, mind the world Yonghua, uphold integrity, to the "professional, science and technology, innovation" concept, the pursuit of perfection, a little bit, with the strength of cast Yonghua brand. We all the way forward, and strive to create an international first-class brand filter, purifier, filter!
Yonghua spirit
Pay attention to every detail and pursue perfection.
Product concept
High quality derives from professionalism, technology creates value.
Quality concept
Quality is Yonghua people’s character and life. Yonghua quality is worthy of your trust.
Attitude towards life
Work happily and enjoy life.
Work requirements
Be active, earnest, careful and precise, dedicated and creative at work.
Yonghua’s goal
Build a first-class international filter brand.
Work style
Quick response and no delay; the best or nothing.
Business philosophy
Specialty, technology and innovation; recruit first-class talent, build a first-rate team; make high quality products, provide excellent services, and establish a top class enterprise.
Yonghua’s motto
Be down-to-Earth and realistic, and do practical work diligently.
Yonghua’s mission
Specialize in the R&D and manufacture of filters; make unremitting efforts to promote human health through technological innovation!
Prestige technology, leading the future; through the prestige of science and technology innovation, 
contribute to the cause of human health.
Talent standard
Virtue, talents, capability, and hardworking.
Core values
Win-win and sharing.
Corporate vision
Build a broad stage for excellent talent, provide customers quality products and services, promote the integration of China’s filter industry with international market, and aim to become a leader in international filter industry.